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Monday, July 28, 2014

Working with a resume writing services

It is not a secret that jobs have become scarce and harder to find, now more than ever before. It would be rather foolish to assume that getting a job after graduating will be a walk in the park. In many cases, people decide to write their own resumes.

In most of these cases, the people who write their own resumes end up making mistakes and produce an inferior representation of their professional skills to do the job that is being offered.A top resume writing service will make you stand out, and this will go a long way in securing the job of your dreams. The following five resume companies are some of the professional resume writing services that I came across in my research. These are the service companies that will jump start your career by giving you a wonderful resume that you can use to gain an edge over the rest of the competition. 

Resumetointerviews.com Review

Resumetointerviews.com is a very professional career consulting and resume writing service. Starting from the look and feel of their website, I got the feeling that they are serious at what they do. Their website is interactive and professional looking.
Resumetointerviews Review

They offer services which include: writing and editing resumes, prepping people for interviews (interview coaching) and cover letter writing services. This is a company that has seven years experience in writing resumes and preparing job seekers for their interviewing ordeals. With five thousand projects under their belt, I was assured that I was dealing with people who know what they are doing.

Resumewriters.com Review

With fifteen years experience in the field of resume writing, this is the oldest resume writing service website that I have come across. The company started its operations in 1998, and has one of the largest networks of resume writers that any online company can boast of.

Resumecompanion.com Review

The first thing that will hit you after visiting the website of this company is their willingness to help you get the best resume. Right off the bat, I was given the chance to download a resume template from its bouquet of resume templates (Classic, Elegant, Modern, Dublin, and Chicago, Harvard, Park and Milano templates).

The process of building a resume using their site is simple. The site has a different pricing strategy that was unlike most of the other resume writing services. They have free resources, for example the first resume was free and I could do it without registering an account with them.

Friday, July 25, 2014

ResumeWritingService.biz Review

The website was quick to load and was very user friendly. Some of the services that they have to offer include: resume writing, cover letter writing, references verification, job search assistance, interview coaching and social media profiles screening.

ResumeWritingService.biz - attractive service, affordable prices, friendly support.

I found out that the site had a comprehensive pricing model, with both stand alone units and super bundles. They also had a twenty percent discount on offer for the first order, provided one uses the code NEWJOB. You can rest assured that I used that to save some money. Their super bundles include:

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Resume Writing Services Chicago

When my older sister told me that she was willing to spend some serious cash on resume writing services Chicago, I had a good laugh. Could someone write a better resume about her own abilities, personality and experience than herself? She started convincing me that writing a good resume is actually a really hard work and not everyone could do it. When she showed me some seriously well-written resumes online, I was officially convinced – not everyone can write an extraordinary resume. After all, I have never tried writing a resume myself, so I gave my approval.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Resume Writing Services New York NYC

I am a hard working professional with a humble ego, so when it comes about talking about myself, I am always found in a difficulty to use big words and express my professional career in a proper way. I have tried to write a decent resume dozens of times, but I eventually realized that I am simply not capable of composing a text that would highlight my professional abilities adequately. That was the point when I realized that I should start looking for resume writing services NYC. I really thought that everything would be easy – there are plenty of resume help services online, so I would just choose one and I would have a proficiently-written document and to get me that job I was after for a long time. Well, things didn’t turn out so easy after all!

My quest for professional resume writing services in NYC

As soon as I started my quest for professional resume writers New York, I was faced with a problem – Google returned thousands of results on my search. I am familiar enough with the Internet to know that not everything should be taken for granted, but I was simply in a hurry and I didn’t have much time to read many reviews. So, you must be guessing what I did – I randomly chose one of the first results and I thought that luck would serve me just fine. I needed a strong, targeted cover letter as well in order to complement the resume, and I was willing to pay good money for it. Let me tell you about my first experience: I was not satisfied at all! I emailed the customer service and the employee wasn’t even interested to interview me and ask me what I wanted. She told me that they had a lot of experience in the field and all I needed to do is provide my CV and a short explanation about the job I was applying for. I was silly enough to think that this was how things work, so I left the work to be done by those ‘professionals’.

The first result: a total disappointment

I wouldn’t be lying if I told you that I expected wonders from the resume help New York service I first hired. I have never had a similar experience and I thought that these professionals would certainly write a better document than I was capable of. The resume was sent three days later than the deadline and when I saw how it was written, the frustration became even greater. This resume was just dry, it was like my CV being rewritten and there was nothing close to a personal touch in there. The cover letter was like something I have already seen in online examples when I was trying to write my own. Bottom line, my draft resumes and cover letters were much better than these documents I paid for. It was clear that I could not use these, so I learned my lesson – I started reading reviews and made a second (this time informed) choice.

Finally: an awesome resume in my hands!

After reading lots of online reviews from real customers, I decided to use the services of a service called Resumes To Interviews (ResumetoInterviews.com). The website looked very professional and there were hundreds of positive testimonials about this service, but after my first disappointment I wasn’t expecting miracles. I asked for an available New York resume writer and I was immediately connected with one. The resume and cover letter were delivered one day sooner than we agreed upon. I was able to realize from the first glance that I was provided with a highly-personalized service and the writer really cared about writing the best resume that would express my capabilities. This was exactly what I was looking for; something that would put me in the best light. And you know what? I got the job! I truly believe that the creatively written resume and cover letter had a lot to do for me getting the interview for it.

ResumesPlanet.com Review

The internet is swarming accompanying websites contribution resume writing services, still unfortunately, nay many of them are esteem your profit. Except a limited of them pleasure propose dear excellence volume, plus to guarantee you obtain limit contentment, we bear designed this website where we volition divide just parades of quantity trusty also honorable resume writing services. Along years of event in this toil, we’ve seen them total – any were salubrious, any were mediocre, furthermore a some were moving. We inspect each establishment for how beneficial the website is, what their birth span is, further how many they weight for their services. Manipulate our disinterested expedients to mold a decorous opinion.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Keeping focused during career transitioning

Losing focus is very easy as you try to job transition. This is mainly because you are in a position to get distracted by the house. While most people do not realize it, the house has many distractions that can easily make you lose focus. It is the first time you are your own boss in a long time. No one needs you to be anywhere by a certain time. Therefore you do not feel compelled to complete activities in time. Maintaining the time schedule you had before you quit your job might be a good thing. This is because it will prevent you from wasting time, days or even months by telling you where to be and at what time.
Job hunting is the same or even harder than it was when you were job searching. Hence ensure that you are able to spend enough time searching for a job. It is not wise to do everything from the laptop in your house. The house has a certain amount of comfort that will prevent you from doing anything. You will be drawn to the nice animal show on TV or start fixing the basement because you have been postponing it for a long time. Getting out of the house and working from elsewhere like the coffee shop, the park or a cyber café creates more focus and motivation. Avoid sleeping late because you do not have anything to wake up to. You will have to extend your sleep and soon you can never sleep or wake up in time. Do not think that you do not have a job because your job is to find a new job.
When you are alone for a long time a lot can go wrong. This is because little contact with the social world is hard for everyone. You can never debate with anyone about current issues. Sometimes you might not know what the pressing current issues are. It is also possible that you are unable to think beyond the box because you cannot hear the perspectives of others on different matters. Social networks might not necessarily help you with this problem. Hence you need to maintain your network and make new ones. This can be done by attending professional meetings and taking part in them. You can even undertake bigger roles to be able to keep yourself busy. Volunteering for different organizations and activities is also a good thing. This is because you will be able to get social contact and also have a sense of purpose as you help others achieve something. Such activities will help you get through transitions to other jobs successfully.

How Government jobs can get you closer to your dreams

‘The government is the best employer’ is a famous quote most of you spare around without knowing its full meaning. The truth is, sometimes, this is a fact. Governments are the most powerful organizations in the world and working for them is definitely almost the same; working with the biggest organizations.

For most graduates, government jobs are often shunned dues to stereotypes that governments don’t pay better than the private sector. Although this is true in some industries, a recent survey revealed that governments generally pay the most, depending on how their economies perform. This article generally looks at government jobs in full.
Governments are the ultimate organizations because they cut across every sector of the economy from trade, banking, education, commerce, anthropology, manufacturing and so many others. All these sectors need people. Compared to specialist private sectors, say Microsoft or Google, the government has a job for at least, everyone. This is an unmatched advantage for you the job seeker, no matter what field or concentration you come from. The government can absorb you when the private sector shuns your qualification because they have some use for you.
In terms of wages and salaries, there is less room for exploitation by the government jobs compared to other forms of employment. In a capitalist economy with a surplus supply of capable labor, you are at the mercy of the highest (lowest) bidders for your services. When you take up a government job, although pay is standardized, consistency can protect you, especially in the current, challenging economic times.
Government jobs often come with whole packages at no extra cost to you, with more packs given to the more senior officers. This means that if you stick with government longer, you have a better chance of getting more benefits and benefits. Compared to other employers, the government is holistically generous to all its employees.
The other advantage that comes with most government is security. Nowadays, it’s common to see conglomerates start and crush within months, yet most of them pay astronomical salaries. Governments have a higher sense of perpetuity compared to other organizations. As such, since you rarely hear about stories of government economies completely crumbled and foreclosed compared to the former, employment by government is probably safer.
However, truth be told, government jobs are not as straightforward or fulfilling as they would ideally. Everyone would be working for the government and shunning all other employment, which is not precisely the case. Some of the mishaps that fall upon government jobs are the service functions.
For example, governments rarely credit individual accomplishments or even make them formal. As such, for innovators and risk takers, including those who want to be recognized for personal abilities, it’s not the better option.
There are also worries about political correctness needed to clinch certain government jobs. Either way, no employer is perfect because the same is true for other organizations, especially private. You simply require to understand the different opportunities in government, the requirements and if you qualify. If you manage to get one, be prepared for a roller coaster ride, because government jobs may be demanding.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

How to take advantage of summer jobs in a difficult economy

Being a new graduate or a college student at this time is challenging because of the general slowed economy and low employment. These challenges are also because of the stiff competition in the job market stemming from the millions of graduates released into the job market every year, without observable improvement in the number of available opportunities. Therefore, graduates, especially new ones and college students need to innovate and take advantage of every opportunity available to get gainful work.

Summer jobs are popular among students and now more than ever before, even for new graduates. Contrary to what most of you think, summer jobs can provide students with job search reprieve because of the benefits that come with them. Apart from earning you a wage or salary, your summer job gives you industry experience and can be a stepping-stone to something better because of the experience received.
When you are looking for a summer job, there are many different opportunities you can take advantage of in your city. Some of these jobs may not be glamorous as you dream, but adequate to move you from being unemployed. This article explores some of the summer job opportunities you should be exploring now.

Table waiting

This classic summer job opportunity has been famous among students and new graduates since time immemorial. Many restaurants and hotels reserve these job openings specifically for students and new graduates in many places. If you apply on time whether through campus notices or other job sites, you can get some good tips and people skills on this job.


Compared to the past when you had to leave college and get work in an office somewhere, nowadays, things are different. There are countless opportunities for freelancing as a student, especially online. When you are still in college, you can choose to sign up with any of the freelance websites and earn your living all through the summer and beyond, if you already graduated. However, know that such work will be quite demanding time wise compared to other regular summer jobs and hence, need to be prepared beforehand.

Sales representative

Even in a shrinking economy with little or no significant growth, sales representative jobs will never end. If you do your research properly, you can discover a fast moving product company to keep you busy in the summer. Its however, important to note that sales is a people job and you can only do well if you know the product fine, are open minded, courageous, sharp and a good communicator.


If you have never thought about working in a library setting, the summer would be a perfect time to experiment. There are many libraries, which take on new graduates and college students during the summers for a fair wage. The next time you go to borrow a book in the summer, just ask about the existence of such opportunities. You will be shocked at how fast they take you.
In general, succeeding in a seasonal, temporal or summer job needs you to be proactive; many opportunities abound. You also need to have a tailored resume, each time to ensure no opportunities pass you.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Choosing a career

When looking to go to college or university, one may be at cross roads on what they want to do. This is an important decision to make since you will be stuck with that job for the rest of your life. Some people choose a career based on the market demand as of that moment. Every time in history a career comes in to fashion. Some of these careers are only there because the government or politicians at that time priorities them. However, the next government stops funding them because they want to accomplish their own goals and projects. When you decide to base your career on such trends, you need to be at the right place at the right time. Otherwise you will get to the market when the job is no longer in demand.
Teacher shortage in America in the 1980s witnessed many people go to school to get education degrees and find jobs. However, at some point the teachers flooded their market and no one needed teachers any more. Those who were still in school hoping to get a job instantly after their college met a very cold market for them. In the same way, at the beginning of the technology era, anyone who understood the operations of a computer was hot stuff. Everyone wanted to hire them. As time went by, those with degrees came into the market and phased out the pretenders. After the Internet and telecommunications growth, the price for the computer experts dropped. Nowadays everyone wants to hear about green energy and saving the world from global warming. It is impossible to keep going back to school for the degree that is in fashion as of that moment.
Therefore you need to know that choosing a career is not necessarily based on the trend. The best way to choose a career and avoid finding yourself in a market that does not appreciate you anymore is by finding your abilities. Your abilities and interests should be the main guideline to choosing your career. This should be followed by market and employer research to see where you could fit and who could hire you. Instead of just undertaking a degree in education consider if you love to work with children. If not stop pursuing education and find something else. The conditions under which you like to work should also be considered. Would you rather work indoors or out door? Would you be better of working with your hands like engineers and mechanics or with pens and papers like lawyers? By understanding your interest you will be able to choose a suitable career. For example if you love cooking, you can be a chef. People never stop eating. All you need is new recipes to suit their seasonal changes.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Job Search

If you ask anyone on the progress and the results for their job search operations, trust me the answers are never friendly neither is there a smile on their face unless they actually have the job. I sit down and think about why the job hunt is so tiring and unsuccessful most of the time. Well, I think there is somewhere we all miss a point. All of us have been in school for almost fifteen years all in the name of transforming us to useful people to the working nation. We go through a lot in school; all the early mornings, endless tests and home works and every time there was a solution for every mystery.
I remember sometimes being so carried out by having fun that the examination season bumped into us unaware. There is no way we could afford missing the exams because you would face a whole one year off the curriculum which means it’s a wasted one. A lot of resources in terms of money and time we invested during these days doing what it takes to succeed and excel.
What happens when we come out of school? Investing in ourselves is no longer important or what? I am sure that most of us just drop resumes all over the place and other online applications every other day. We do this and forget that we just need a quality resume that will steal the heart of the reader.
In my opinion, candidates should not stop investing in themselves until they get hold of that job. This time however not much financial implication is involved other than one’s time. Technology has made things a lot easier now. There is no need to seek for professional guidance in getting ready for interviews. There are so many applications in the Internet in form of videos or articles and all sorts of help you need including the frequently asked questions. So many interviews today employ tactics like aptitude tests basically to test you IQ. This is useful since it is never biased since examinations may somehow favor some people.
There are a lot of books both electronic and the hard copies about job search. Alternatively interview coaching is not expensive and here you can also face you fright in the process of role playing and answering of questions. All that is needed is, candidates need to stop being overconfidence in them and they most certainly seek help from others who have experience in interviews. They say nothing great comes easy and in this world we are fighting for the few slots that are available so we need to be extra vigilant and put in effort towards what we want.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Just like school, there are bullies at work

There are bullies in this world everywhere you go. Finding a technique of handling them is the only way you can be able to avoid conflicts at work places. However, the situation becomes very tricky if the bully is the boss that you usually answer to. You can hardly question their authority or answer back when they yell at you. It is said that you can easily spot a difficult boss from an interview. You can easily know a cooperative boss and a difficult one by the way they conduct themselves on interviews. Coming in late with no apology to interview you indicate an arrogant person. They feel like they are doing you a favor simply by interviewing you, therefore their lateness do not matter. A person who apologizes just because they were thirty minutes late and even offers a drink as an apology indicates a cooperative boss.
If you ask them about how effectively employee projects are followed up and they shrug their shoulders, you should know they do not care much what employees think. If they tell you about an employee project being implemented, they are people who listen and respect other people’s ideas. There are bosses who keep dangling your job in your face by asking threatening questions like; do you really want this job? Or do you want to keep working here? These are people who do not have an idea about being a god leader. They are drunk with power and therefore bully people around them all the time. During this recession you are left with no choice but to tolerate this people despite their personalities because you need the job.
They also realize that it is hard to find a job and therefore take advantage of this while exercising their power. Sharing your frustrations with friends and family will help you cope with your situation. Having personal targets about your career is also a good thing to avoid feeling bad about yourself when your boss embarrasses you. You should also try and get a plan B. think about starting your own business or finding another job with a better boss. If you decide to stay on you might consider reporting the matter to your bosses’ boss. However, you will need enough evidence of bullying. This is because no one will fire your boss because he yelled at you. Since good bosses are hard to come by, you might also think of how to find a stay at home job where you need not meet your boss on a daily basis. Until then you might have to cope with your boss who has self esteem issues he needs to work out.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Making your resume a perfect match for a certain position

Each job opening usually has different specifications on the side of qualifications compared to any other. This is the reason you must always revise and customize your resume every time you apply for a new position. Well this is because for you to get that interview calling, they must have seen that you have exactly what they are looking for. After reading your resume, the hiring manager should be in a position to wow at how fit you are for that position. This is the only time you know that you are heading the right direction. You should actually ensure you go through your resume before sending it out.
Remember, you will only be a perfect match the moment you have all the required qualifications. You need to understand that both the required and preferred qualifications are important. The time you start reviewing your resume, you need not make any mistake. Whatever the employer notes as required, write it as such. The preferred skills should also be noted as such. This will give the employer the impression that you can do the job perfectly as well as performing other essential functions. Having all the qualification is sometimes not possible but those with close to all of them are usually at an advantage compared to the others.
Another important thing to note is the usage of certain important keywords. This is because employers or hiring managers are going to use certain keywords when they are searching for employees. For your resume to show up in the search, those keywords must have been richly used. They must have been strategically used as well so as not to compromise the quality of your resume. Some people will just have them all over and in low quality usage to an extent where the value of the resume is compromised. They should be used in a way which does not change the resume. This will give you a cutting edge over all the other applicants.
Finally, you need to show the employer that you really are the person the company is looking for. This can only be done by you having to prove that you are better compared to all the other applicants. You must convince the employer that in terms of value addition and other benefits you are the best. You need them to believe that there can never be a better person suited for that position more than you. One mistake that people make especially in an interview is developing the fear of reality. They ask themselves whether they can offer all that which they have promised and they almost withdraw some of their statements. This should never happen to you. After all once you have the job they can never just take it away.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Interesting ways to speed up your job search

Being employed now is more challenging than ever before and as a job seeker, you may even reach disappointing lows in this quest. Most big companies are downsizing, others are losing money and the economy doesn’t seem to be helping things. In fact, its slowing.

If you are not innovative enough to make your job search more competitive or with an edge, it will definitely become tough for you. Whether you just graduated or have been jobless for a while, this article has three tips that will help you increase odds in your direction in the tough job market.

Be careful where you invest your time

The average job seeker spend most of their times submitting applications for different vacancies some of them present while some, absent. It is an endless struggle and sometimes, can be disheartening and time wasting. To get the results you desire in your search, you need to invest your time wisely. Most experts have discovered that job seekers who are organized tend to be strategic, precise and hence successful than those who are not.
Organization means going beyond keeping a diary and updating it all the time something happens. It means, keeping a strategic spreadsheet with the positions you are applying for, and then measuring your suitability against your resume, rather than applying for any job that pops up in your industry in general. Employers don’t waste time on job seekers who don’t have the precise qualifications; don’t waste yours. Track your opportunities against your qualifications and apply where you stand a chance.

Learn to Prioritize

One of the biggest time and productivity wasters for most job seekers is lack of focus or having spread focus. Prioritizing resources like time is one of the most important skills you will need to get your dream job or role that pays you well. This means you have to create goals with specific schedules for accomplishment. Without a schedule or goal, being a job seeker can be stressful.
For example, you can give yourself a number of applications you want to see done in a day. With the list of goals that you want to accomplish and making sure, that these goals are accomplished is the key to succeeding in the gruesome job seeking process. You also need to create time to chase up potential employers as this can help you score more success.

Get the help of experts

When you are fresh from college, aggressive job seeking may not be in your best power. Rather than pursue the unknown ibis on your own, why not let experts do it for you. Many qualified professionals offer all these services for people like you and can be relied upon. You should also adopt new technology like resume builders and social media to make a name for yourself with potential employers.
Overall, job search is not an easy process, especially now. Depending on how effective you conduct your search affairs, it can be less disturbing with the above tips.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Arts Essay

We have uploaded a new arts essay, Becoming An Art Therapist.

Expression through painting, sculpting, and drawing assists one in overcoming the effects of traumatic or unpleasant happenings in his life. Art therapy is a field that is beneficial to people of all ages, gender, emotional status, or mental ability. It is necessary to examine the knowledge of products resulting from and various methods utilized in a variety of disciplines in order to fully understand the vast benefits of implementing art therapy (Repko, 2005).

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Free Accounting Essay

We have uploaded a new accounting essay, The Failure of Accounting Policy and it's Impact on the Financial Markets.

The bankruptcy of Enron in December 2001 shocked the business world since prior to its bankruptcy, it was just recently declared a top performing company. Its bankruptcy was a result of too much debt and high risk investments. However, its disaster was not mainly due to the fault of the company but by other factors such as regulations (Niskanen, 2002). As such, this study is being conducted so as to determine the factors that led to the firms demise particularly accounting policy.