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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Resume Writing Services New York NYC

I am a hard working professional with a humble ego, so when it comes about talking about myself, I am always found in a difficulty to use big words and express my professional career in a proper way. I have tried to write a decent resume dozens of times, but I eventually realized that I am simply not capable of composing a text that would highlight my professional abilities adequately. That was the point when I realized that I should start looking for resume writing services NYC. I really thought that everything would be easy – there are plenty of resume help services online, so I would just choose one and I would have a proficiently-written document and to get me that job I was after for a long time. Well, things didn’t turn out so easy after all!

My quest for professional resume writing services in NYC

As soon as I started my quest for professional resume writers New York, I was faced with a problem – Google returned thousands of results on my search. I am familiar enough with the Internet to know that not everything should be taken for granted, but I was simply in a hurry and I didn’t have much time to read many reviews. So, you must be guessing what I did – I randomly chose one of the first results and I thought that luck would serve me just fine. I needed a strong, targeted cover letter as well in order to complement the resume, and I was willing to pay good money for it. Let me tell you about my first experience: I was not satisfied at all! I emailed the customer service and the employee wasn’t even interested to interview me and ask me what I wanted. She told me that they had a lot of experience in the field and all I needed to do is provide my CV and a short explanation about the job I was applying for. I was silly enough to think that this was how things work, so I left the work to be done by those ‘professionals’.

The first result: a total disappointment

I wouldn’t be lying if I told you that I expected wonders from the resume help New York service I first hired. I have never had a similar experience and I thought that these professionals would certainly write a better document than I was capable of. The resume was sent three days later than the deadline and when I saw how it was written, the frustration became even greater. This resume was just dry, it was like my CV being rewritten and there was nothing close to a personal touch in there. The cover letter was like something I have already seen in online examples when I was trying to write my own. Bottom line, my draft resumes and cover letters were much better than these documents I paid for. It was clear that I could not use these, so I learned my lesson – I started reading reviews and made a second (this time informed) choice.

Finally: an awesome resume in my hands!

After reading lots of online reviews from real customers, I decided to use the services of a service called Resumes To Interviews (ResumetoInterviews.com). The website looked very professional and there were hundreds of positive testimonials about this service, but after my first disappointment I wasn’t expecting miracles. I asked for an available New York resume writer and I was immediately connected with one. The resume and cover letter were delivered one day sooner than we agreed upon. I was able to realize from the first glance that I was provided with a highly-personalized service and the writer really cared about writing the best resume that would express my capabilities. This was exactly what I was looking for; something that would put me in the best light. And you know what? I got the job! I truly believe that the creatively written resume and cover letter had a lot to do for me getting the interview for it.

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Unknown said...

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