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Monday, July 28, 2014

Resumetointerviews.com Review

Resumetointerviews.com is a very professional career consulting and resume writing service. Starting from the look and feel of their website, I got the feeling that they are serious at what they do. Their website is interactive and professional looking.
Resumetointerviews Review

They offer services which include: writing and editing resumes, prepping people for interviews (interview coaching) and cover letter writing services. This is a company that has seven years experience in writing resumes and preparing job seekers for their interviewing ordeals. With five thousand projects under their belt, I was assured that I was dealing with people who know what they are doing.

The pricing for a resume depends on your work experience. The website has a drop down menu that directs you to your category:

  1. Still in university- 250 USD
  2. Recent University graduate- 260 USD
  3. 1-2 years working experience-265 USD
  4. 3-5 years working experience- 270 USD
  5. 6-10 years working experience- 280 USD
  6. 11+ years working experience- 290 USD
Resumetointerview Review

All these packages are competitively priced. I chose the second category (recent university graduate). I sent them an old copy of my CV, and was assigned a wonderful editor who guided me through the entire process. They have good customer support and I was kept updated on the progress of my resume every 24 hours.

I was happy to receive my updated resume within three business days. As I was mailing my resume to the HR department of the company I hoped to work for, I concluded that this is a legitimate service company that is only looking out for your best interests.

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