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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

What is –°raftresumes.com? Resume Writing Service Review

CraftResumes.com is a team of professional resume writers who are devoted to deliver high quality resumes and CV to the people seeking their dream jobs. Their services mainly include CV/Resume writing and editing services.

The resume writers of the company are cooperative and friendly towards the clients. Their ability to attentively listen to all the demands, questions and queries from their clients makes the customer service highly efficient and competitive.  As a result, finding the perfect job became easier for me, thanks to the services of craftresumes.com.

My experience with Craftresumes.com

My experience with Craftresumes.com was incredible. I've send them my poor-looking resume, and actually I didn't expect anything superior. But they highlighted my skills in ways I couldn’t have even imagined! Even though I was always confident about my professionalism and my competence at work, I was never satisfied with my written communication. I understood that a resume conveys the first professional impression and that I was lagging behind because of it.

I tried Craftresumes and now my resume has a beautifully highlighted professional experience, intriguing academia and an exceptionally designed skills set that can inspire the most competent employers.

Among the many CV/resume writing services that I have come across, the harmonious atmosphere and friendly communication system of Craftresumes.com has truly won my heart.

Services and offers

The website offers a great methodology to get a resume written. The best part about their services is that apart from listening to the customer’s wishes, they would happily accept the requests for alterations and additions. The writers are wholeheartedly committed to their clients’ wishes and fulfill their every possible demand. 

Despite the great written resumes, Craftresumes also offers some other resume writing services like,
  • CV writing
  • CV editing
  • Resume editing
  • Thank you letter
  • Follow up letter
  • LinkedIn profiles
KSA (Knowledge, skills and abilities)

To rate the services at Craftresumes.com from 1-10, I’d definitely give it a 10.

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Monday, July 28, 2014

Working with a resume writing services

It is not a secret that jobs have become scarce and harder to find, now more than ever before. It would be rather foolish to assume that getting a job after graduating will be a walk in the park. In many cases, people decide to write their own resumes.

In most of these cases, the people who write their own resumes end up making mistakes and produce an inferior representation of their professional skills to do the job that is being offered.A top resume writing service will make you stand out, and this will go a long way in securing the job of your dreams. The following five resume companies are some of the professional resume writing services that I came across in my research. These are the service companies that will jump start your career by giving you a wonderful resume that you can use to gain an edge over the rest of the competition. 

Resumetointerviews.com Review

Resumetointerviews.com is a very professional career consulting and resume writing service. Starting from the look and feel of their website, I got the feeling that they are serious at what they do. Their website is interactive and professional looking.
Resumetointerviews Review

They offer services which include: writing and editing resumes, prepping people for interviews (interview coaching) and cover letter writing services. This is a company that has seven years experience in writing resumes and preparing job seekers for their interviewing ordeals. With five thousand projects under their belt, I was assured that I was dealing with people who know what they are doing.

Resumewriters.com Review

With fifteen years experience in the field of resume writing, this is the oldest resume writing service website that I have come across. The company started its operations in 1998, and has one of the largest networks of resume writers that any online company can boast of.

Resumecompanion.com Review

The first thing that will hit you after visiting the website of this company is their willingness to help you get the best resume. Right off the bat, I was given the chance to download a resume template from its bouquet of resume templates (Classic, Elegant, Modern, Dublin, and Chicago, Harvard, Park and Milano templates).

The process of building a resume using their site is simple. The site has a different pricing strategy that was unlike most of the other resume writing services. They have free resources, for example the first resume was free and I could do it without registering an account with them.

Friday, July 25, 2014

ResumeWritingService.biz Review

The website was quick to load and was very user friendly. Some of the services that they have to offer include: resume writing, cover letter writing, references verification, job search assistance, interview coaching and social media profiles screening.

ResumeWritingService.biz - attractive service, affordable prices, friendly support.

I found out that the site had a comprehensive pricing model, with both stand alone units and super bundles. They also had a twenty percent discount on offer for the first order, provided one uses the code NEWJOB. You can rest assured that I used that to save some money. Their super bundles include:

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Resume Writing Services Chicago

When my older sister told me that she was willing to spend some serious cash on resume writing services Chicago, I had a good laugh. Could someone write a better resume about her own abilities, personality and experience than herself? She started convincing me that writing a good resume is actually a really hard work and not everyone could do it. When she showed me some seriously well-written resumes online, I was officially convinced – not everyone can write an extraordinary resume. After all, I have never tried writing a resume myself, so I gave my approval.