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Friday, July 18, 2014

How Government jobs can get you closer to your dreams

‘The government is the best employer’ is a famous quote most of you spare around without knowing its full meaning. The truth is, sometimes, this is a fact. Governments are the most powerful organizations in the world and working for them is definitely almost the same; working with the biggest organizations.

For most graduates, government jobs are often shunned dues to stereotypes that governments don’t pay better than the private sector. Although this is true in some industries, a recent survey revealed that governments generally pay the most, depending on how their economies perform. This article generally looks at government jobs in full.
Governments are the ultimate organizations because they cut across every sector of the economy from trade, banking, education, commerce, anthropology, manufacturing and so many others. All these sectors need people. Compared to specialist private sectors, say Microsoft or Google, the government has a job for at least, everyone. This is an unmatched advantage for you the job seeker, no matter what field or concentration you come from. The government can absorb you when the private sector shuns your qualification because they have some use for you.
In terms of wages and salaries, there is less room for exploitation by the government jobs compared to other forms of employment. In a capitalist economy with a surplus supply of capable labor, you are at the mercy of the highest (lowest) bidders for your services. When you take up a government job, although pay is standardized, consistency can protect you, especially in the current, challenging economic times.
Government jobs often come with whole packages at no extra cost to you, with more packs given to the more senior officers. This means that if you stick with government longer, you have a better chance of getting more benefits and benefits. Compared to other employers, the government is holistically generous to all its employees.
The other advantage that comes with most government is security. Nowadays, it’s common to see conglomerates start and crush within months, yet most of them pay astronomical salaries. Governments have a higher sense of perpetuity compared to other organizations. As such, since you rarely hear about stories of government economies completely crumbled and foreclosed compared to the former, employment by government is probably safer.
However, truth be told, government jobs are not as straightforward or fulfilling as they would ideally. Everyone would be working for the government and shunning all other employment, which is not precisely the case. Some of the mishaps that fall upon government jobs are the service functions.
For example, governments rarely credit individual accomplishments or even make them formal. As such, for innovators and risk takers, including those who want to be recognized for personal abilities, it’s not the better option.
There are also worries about political correctness needed to clinch certain government jobs. Either way, no employer is perfect because the same is true for other organizations, especially private. You simply require to understand the different opportunities in government, the requirements and if you qualify. If you manage to get one, be prepared for a roller coaster ride, because government jobs may be demanding.

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