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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Interesting ways to speed up your job search

Being employed now is more challenging than ever before and as a job seeker, you may even reach disappointing lows in this quest. Most big companies are downsizing, others are losing money and the economy doesn’t seem to be helping things. In fact, its slowing.

If you are not innovative enough to make your job search more competitive or with an edge, it will definitely become tough for you. Whether you just graduated or have been jobless for a while, this article has three tips that will help you increase odds in your direction in the tough job market.

Be careful where you invest your time

The average job seeker spend most of their times submitting applications for different vacancies some of them present while some, absent. It is an endless struggle and sometimes, can be disheartening and time wasting. To get the results you desire in your search, you need to invest your time wisely. Most experts have discovered that job seekers who are organized tend to be strategic, precise and hence successful than those who are not.
Organization means going beyond keeping a diary and updating it all the time something happens. It means, keeping a strategic spreadsheet with the positions you are applying for, and then measuring your suitability against your resume, rather than applying for any job that pops up in your industry in general. Employers don’t waste time on job seekers who don’t have the precise qualifications; don’t waste yours. Track your opportunities against your qualifications and apply where you stand a chance.

Learn to Prioritize

One of the biggest time and productivity wasters for most job seekers is lack of focus or having spread focus. Prioritizing resources like time is one of the most important skills you will need to get your dream job or role that pays you well. This means you have to create goals with specific schedules for accomplishment. Without a schedule or goal, being a job seeker can be stressful.
For example, you can give yourself a number of applications you want to see done in a day. With the list of goals that you want to accomplish and making sure, that these goals are accomplished is the key to succeeding in the gruesome job seeking process. You also need to create time to chase up potential employers as this can help you score more success.

Get the help of experts

When you are fresh from college, aggressive job seeking may not be in your best power. Rather than pursue the unknown ibis on your own, why not let experts do it for you. Many qualified professionals offer all these services for people like you and can be relied upon. You should also adopt new technology like resume builders and social media to make a name for yourself with potential employers.
Overall, job search is not an easy process, especially now. Depending on how effective you conduct your search affairs, it can be less disturbing with the above tips.

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